Four point inspection/necessary to insure the home !
  1. When purchasing a home that you want to insure, it helps to know what the insurance company will want prior to purchase or you end up with a home, you cannot insure or an extremely high amount of construction work to get you to that point.
  2. Our agents are trained to protect our clients either buyer or seller
  3. We rather find you a another home than have a customer who we know will not be happy later, because we’ll still be here in business.
  4. The insurance company is going to want the home inspected
    1. A 4 point inspection cost $65/$85
    2. The inspector should take pictures of your roof and in his opinion ! ( his opinion is needed ) In his opinion the roof has to have at least 5 years of life left. However, that’s his opinion not a fact and he cannot be held responsible for it. If you want you can have a license roofer inspect the roof for a separate price.
    3. The electrical panel should have pictures showing the inside of the panel and the panel type so we now if it is a fire hazard or not. Electrical panels range from $1200 to $1900 installed.
    4. What type of AC and check the electrical wires coming out of the AC
    5. What type of water heater, are all the electrical wires ok
    6. Plumbing: what type of plumbing do we have, does it work and will it be insured
Viewing a home with a qualified agent
  1. The agent will walk you through the home, go over the problems & issues commonly seen in these homes
  2. First checking inside for construction problems, cover-ups
    1. What type of roof we have, any noticeable damage on the interior ceilings, check inside the closets and inside the cabinets, usually not covered up
    2. What type of flooring do we have, any soft spots, are the floors no good. What type of flooring do we have, plywood or OSB flooring will deteriorate with the least spill of water. Sometimes soft spots are not floor damaged, they just need to be properly braced by a licensed contractor.
  3. What type of electrical panel do we have. There are several types of electrical panels that insurance companies will not insure and cause fire damage.
  4. What type of plumbing do we have, can it be insured.
  5. What type of air conditioning and the duck work.
  6. What type of vapor barrier, how old is it does it need to be replaced
  7. The costs of these construction problems, local market price vs the price of where you came from
Purchasing a Mobile Home without a broker
  1. Purchasing a mobile home without a broker leaves the purchaser responsible for any past due park fees, rent or mechanic liens
  2. Not doing the proper title search you may end up with a home that has already been sold, the titles have been duplicated leaving multiple owners
What kind of services offers Rooted Mobile Homes for a Mobile Home Seller?

Rooted is a trusted, duly licensed, bonded and insured Mobile Homes Broker with registered offices in Pinellas County, Tampa Bay area.

Our services cover the following:

  • free evaluation of the mobile home offered for sale
  • free consultation offered to the seller in increasing the chances to get the best price for the mobile home
  • advertising of the property over a network of websites
  • assisting the seller with the overall sale process